Hidden Sugar in Foods

If you are fighting diabetes you know how important it is to reduce your sugar intake. Many people say, “but I don’t eat sugar” meaning that they don’t actually pour sugar on their food. However, today 77% of the foods we buy have hidden sugars. Even many fruit juices like Apple and grape juice which are way too sweet already, have added sugars. Many breakfast cereals aimed at children are over half sugar.

Kids love the taste, but it’s no wonder one out of three children today is expected to become diabetic. Food manufactures know what we want and how to disguise packaging to look healthy. Michael Pollan says if it says healthy on the box put it back on the shelf. Sticking with the produce aisle seems to be the safest, But even some fruits will spike our insulin if too much is eaten. Try to lose your taste for sweet things.

I hope moms take care not to get their kids hooked on sweets by giving them as a reward when they do well. There are a lot of great documentaries about sugar on YouTube showing the food industry is an evil Empire like the cigarette industry.

One of the largest studies of its kind found that drinking just two diet drinks a day can increase your risk of an early death from heart disease by 50 percent. Shocking!

Previous research looking at aspartame toxicity also found a clear association between aspartame consumption and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia.

Despite being promoted for weight loss, foods and beverages with artificial sweeteners have never been proven to help weight loss. Studies that look at this actually find artificial sweeteners promote weight gain. I’ve fought sugar for over 40 years have used stevia for over 20, since it seems to be the only natural sweetener that doesn’t cause problems.

A great book by Michael Moss is Salt, Sugar, Fat in which he explains how the food industry gets us hooked and keeps us there. These companies spend millions of dollars every year hiring top scientists to analyze what tastes and textures we like and food. Other scientists manipulate food with chemicals to reach what they call the “bliss point.” to the food manufacturer this is the perfect food because we can’t get enough of it and will eat the whole container.

Of course this behavior is driving the obesity and diabetes epidemic. The only way we can avoid being caught up in the is to learn what the food industry is doing and train ourselves to eat real food.