Cosmetics and personal care products are applied to the human body to cleanse, beautify, enhance attractiveness, or alter appearance. From antiperspirants, fragrances, makeup and shampoos to soaps, sunscreens and toothpastes. Cosmetics and personal care products play an important role in every stage of our lives.

Farmamy is an online pharmacy (Farmamy è una Farmacia online) where you may get all Cosmetic Products.

Specifically, there are seven categories of cosmetics and personal care products. Oral care, skin care, sun care, hair care, color cosmetics, body care and perfume.

People have used cosmetics for thousands of years. Today, the majority of her 500 million consumers in italian use cosmetics. And personal care products daily to protect improves their health. And boost their self-esteem. Learn more about the benefits of cosmetics and personal care products.

Market penetration of some cosmetics and personal care products in the Italian is expected to approach 100%. For example, 94% of women and 87% of men in the use deodorants almost exclusively. While in France 98% of women and 94% of men use liquid shampoos.

There are differences in the frequency of use of cosmetics depending on the country, gender, age, and cosmetics. A sample of the most commonly used cosmetics data is shown in the chart below. Cosmetics are regulated to ensure their safety and are primarily governed by the European Union (EU) Cosmetics Regulation. Read more about cosmetics regulations.

Our industry works hard to provide the information that knowledge about cosmetics. And their ingredients increases consumer confidence in the products they use. The Cosmetics Products Regulation sets labeling requirements to provide consumers with the information they need. Besides labeling, we provide information to consumers in other ways, such as marketing and communications. See how we provide information to consumers. All cosmetic and personal care products on the European market are safe to use. We say this with confidence because safety is a major concern of all manufacturers

Furthermore, Italian Union law requires that all new products be tested by scientific experts. Before they are put on the market must undergo a safety evaluation of Find out. More about what we are doing to keep you safe.

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