Best Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

190+ Best Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Baby Boy Names In Telugu Starting With S: Selecting a meaningful name for a Hindu baby boy is a cherished tradition, with each name often carrying cultural significance. In the rich tapestry of Tamil culture, the quest for a name beginning with ‘S’ adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness.

The letter ‘S’ resonates with strength, spirituality, and success, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a name that embodies these qualities. From the timeless classics to the more contemporary options, the array of Hindu baby boy names starting with ‘S’ in Tamil is as diverse as the culture itself.

Each name tells a story, drawing from the profound roots of Hindu mythology and heritage. Whether it’s the traditional charm of “Saravanan” or the modern appeal of “Surya,” parents navigating this naming journey are sure to find a name that not only sounds melodious but also encapsulates the aspirations they hold for their little one.

SamarthEfficient; Capable
SanjayVictorious, Triumphant
SarveshLord of All
SathvikPure, Virtuous
ShivaanLord Shiva
ShreyasSuperior; Best
SiddharthOne who Attains Enlightenment
SuryaThe Sun
SatvikVirtuous, Pious
SankethSignal; Symbol
SahilGuide; Sea Shore
SumanthOne with a Good Mind
SaranShelter; Refuge
SuvanLord Shiva
SudhanRich; Wealthy
ShaktiStrength; Power
ShridharLord Vishnu; The One Who Holds Wealth
SwadeshOwn Country
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Tamil baby boy names starting with S

ShyamDark; Lord Krishna
SaranrajKing of Refuge
SriramLord Rama
SarvajitOne who Conquers All
SubramanianLord Murugan; Beautiful
SathyanarayanLord Vishnu; Protector of Truth
SiddheshLord of the Siddhas (Enlightened beings)
SudarshanBeautiful and auspicious vision
SelvakumarProsperous and beautiful prince
SaaranganAnother name for Lord Vishnu
SanjeevInvincible; Immortal
ShantanuPeaceful; A king in Indian mythology
ShlokVerse; Hymn
ShubhamAuspicious; Good fortune
SumanCheerful; Wise
SuvirBrave and virtuous
SankalpDetermination; Pledge
SomeshMoon; Lord Chandra
SamirBreeze; Wind
SahasBravery; Courage
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting With S With Meaning

SarveshwarLord of All Gods
SamyakRight; Proper
ShouryaBravery; Valor
ShubhankarAuspicious; Fortunate
SrishanthLord Shiva; Auspicious
SaileshLord of the Mountains
SankarshanLord Krishna; A Name of Vishnu
SridharanPossessor of Lakshmi (Vishnu)
SuvirajKing of Gods
SamrathAll-capable; Lord Vishnu
SatvikanthLord Vishnu; One with a Pure Heart
ShyamsundarLord Krishna; Beautiful Dark One
SuvanishLord Shiva; Another Name for Ganesha
SrivathsanLord Vishnu; One with Srivatsa Mark
SamudranilThe Color of the Ocean
SatchidanandaExistence, Knowledge, Bliss Combined
SahishnuLord Vishnu; Patient
ShailendraKing of Mountains
SanatanaEternal; Perpetual
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Modern, Stylish & Pure Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting with S

SaaranshSummary; Essence
SujanWise; Knowledgeable
SahishnuLord Shiva; Patient
SuvithLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
ShivenLord Shiva
ShobhitDecorated; Adorned
SamarthyaCapability; Competence
SankethanHymn; Religious Song
SrinikethLord Vishnu; Resident of Heaven
SudheeshLord of Excellent Intelligence
SamprithHappy; Contented
SamyogUnion; Connection
ShalishLord of Mountains
SuvrathGood Morals; Virtuous
SuvithanLord Murugan; Lord of Prosperity
SanjeevanImmortality; Everlasting Life
ShourishLord of Sound; Lord Shiva
ShubhayanAuspicious; Lucky
SankalpanIdea; Concept
SwaritMusical; Melodious
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Top Modern Hindu Tamil Baby Boy Names with Meanings

SuvirBrave and virtuous
ShyamalDark; Lord Krishna
SumanthOne with a good heart
SarvendraLord of All
ShreshtBest; Pinnacle
SthirStable; Steady
SudarshanGood looking; Beautiful appearance
SarangSpotted deer; Musical instrument
SahasvatPowerful; Mighty
SukritGood deed; One who does good
SuvikramLord Vishnu; One with powerful strides
SamitCollected; Lord Indra
ShreyashFame; Credit
SumantraGood advisor
SarthakMeaningful; Purposeful
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Tamil Boy Names start Letter S

SuvilLord Shiva; Auspicious
SharanShelter; Refuge
SankarLord Shiva; Auspicious
SuryanshDescendant of the Sun
SrivantLord Vishnu; Revered
ShridaLord Ganesha; Giver of Wealth
SamyuthUnited; Bound
ShailenLord Shiva; King of Mountains
SarvendraLord of All
SudhitKind; Pure-hearted
SuvirajLord of the Gods
SomanThe Moon
SarvottamBest of All
SuvimalPure; Clean
SudevGood God
SanovarGracious; Handsome
ShrishLord Vishnu; Wealth
SuvikramLord Vishnu; Powerful
SiddhantPrinciple; Conclusion
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Baby Boy Names Starting With The Letter S

SaagarikBelonging to the Ocean
SwayamSelf; Oneself
ShrikantLord Shiva; Auspicious
SoumilFriend in Darkness
SrivallabhBeloved of Goddess Lakshmi
SujithWinner; Victory
SushantPeaceful; Calm
ShulinLord Shiva; Lord of the Trishul (Trident)
SaharshWith Joy; With Happiness
SuvratOne with Good Vows
SashankMoon-crested; Lord Shiva with the Moon
ShlokithLord Vishnu; Reddish
SannithHumble; Pious
SrikarLord Vishnu; Creator of Wealth
SujalPure; Simple
SahajEasy; Natural
ShishirajLord of the Winter; Moon
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Best Hindu Baby Name in Tamil

SatvikanthLord Vishnu; One with a Pure Heart
SumanthrajKing of Virtuous Minds
SaileshwarLord of the Mountain
SudhitrajGood and Wise King
SharanagatOne who has Surrendered
SamanyuLord Shiva; Always Happy
SaarangdevLord of Deer
SudhakiranRays of Nectar (Moonlight)
SathyarajKing of Truth
SamvathSolar Year; A Year in Time
SujayVictory; Winner
ShyamsundarLord Krishna; Beautiful Dark One
SnehithAffectionate; Friendly
SarvagLord Shiva; One who knows everything
SamyakshComplete; Whole
SuryakantLoved by the Sun; Radiant
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Eye Catchy Hindu Tamil Boy Name

ShrutikLord Vishnu; Sound
SiddhrajLord of the Blessed
ShishupalLord Krishna; One who killed Shishupala
ShreyanshFame; Superior
SahilendraKing of the Seas
SuvitheshLord Shiva; Lord of Prosperity
SankethanMelodious Song; Hymn
SujanithGood Minded; Virtuous
SrimanthProsperous; Wealthy
ShishupalanProtector of Children
SrikumarSon of Lord Vishnu
SureshanLord Shiva; The Supreme God
ShyamakumarDark-skinned Prince
SriranganLord Vishnu; Resides in Srirangam
SaivigneshLord Ganesha; Auspicious God
SaarangananLord Vishnu; One with a Beautiful Body
SamabashanEven-spoken; Balanced
SujivanLord Shiva; Full of Life
SwayambhuvSelf-existent; Self-born
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Unique Tamil Name In India

SuyashGood success
ShripadLord Vishnu; Feet of the Lord
SuvanshPart of a Good Lineage
SthirajStable; Steady
SnehinAffectionate; Full of Love
SwayanSelf; Independent
ShubhakshAuspicious Eyes
SadhikSincere; Pious
SarvashayThe Lord of All
ShreeramLord Rama
SakethLord Rama; Another Name for Ayodhya
SuhritGood-hearted; Well-disposed
SamarthakOne who fulfills desires
SushenGood Conduct
ShrutanshuMoonbeam; Ray of the Moon
SuranLord Indra
SaptanshuOne with Seven Rays (Sun)
ShubravPure and White
ShantanuPeace-loving; A King in Indian Mythology
SomnathLord of the Moon
Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S In Tamil

Feel free to explore these names and choose the one that resonates with you and your family. Congratulations on finding the perfect name for your baby boy!

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