How to identify if your child needs pediatric occupational therapy?

<strong>How to identify if your child needs pediatric occupational therapy?</strong>

Occupational therapy Los Angeles helps patients with physical, sensory, or cognitive problems. This therapy uses different ways to help you in regaining independence in all areas of life. The aim of occupational therapists is to help with barriers. These barriers can affect your social, physical or emotional needs.

Choosing for occupational therapy will be very helpful for you. It is beneficial if you are dealing with anxiety, low self-esteem or mental health concerns. Especially with children, occupational therapy can be useful. And the results are visible in improving school performance as well as daily activities. 

The occupational therapy is available for people of all age groups. However, amongst children and teenagers, this therapy is a must for the following:

  • Children with birth defects
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Autism
  • Developmental delays
  • Behavioral problems or mental health problems

4 signs to know if your child requires pediatric occupational therapy:

So, the above points are a part of the list of conditions wherein your child may need occupational therapy. But in order to properly identify whether your child requires pediatric occupational therapy you must look for the following signs:

  • Facing difficulty in achieving developmental milestones as per age

Some children tend to show developmental delays. These can be inability to speak as per age. Usually, a one year child starts crawling. But, there are two years old also who are unable to walk steadily. These developmental delays can be concerning for you as a parent. The moment you identify any such delay, it is important to contact a pediatric occupational therapist.

  • Fine motor skills issues

Now, some kids have trouble doing tasks that call for dexterity, control, and strength in the tiny hand muscles. So, children who struggle with fine motor skills will find it challenging to perform certain tasks. These tasks can be cutting with scissors, drawing, stringing beads, and using utensils. Furthermore, a youngster with delays in this area may struggle to accomplish some necessary tasks. These are writing and using computers at school if fine motor ability difficulties are not addressed.

  • Gross motor skill troubles

Children who struggle with gross motor skills can also benefit from occupational therapy. Commonly kids will struggle with balance, strength, endurance, and coordination. This makes it difficult for them to do things like walk, hop, and play catch, among other things.

  • Sensory processing problems

Occupational therapy for kids can help kids with sensory processing issues. So, if your child overreacts to touch, taste, sounds, or scents, that may be a clue that he or she has sensory processing difficulties and needs occupational therapy.  Sometimes children with sensory processing issues may also exhibit undersensitivity. They have a persistent need to move around and touch everything in order to feel something.

Bottom line:

If you are able to identify the need for occupational therapy on time then finding the right therapis important. LA Speech therapy is the best place for your child’s occupational therapy needs. Not only will you find quality treatment but will also get deep knowledge about occupational therapy. So if you are witnessing some concerns with your child’s development, then make sure you contact LA Speech therapy solutions at the earliest.

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