Karan Johar asks Malaika Arora how does it feel when her ‘a**’ is such a topic of discussion. Here’s how she reacts | Hindi Movie News


Malaika Arora has made her OTT debut with ‘Moving In With Malaika’. The diva opened up about many aspects of her life on the show already within its first week and the audience seems quite hooked to it already. Meanwhile, Malaika’s stand-up act where she laughed at herself and gave it back to the trolls became a huge topic of discussion.

Lots more is coming up this week, as Karan Johar will be seen appearing on the show. He asks Malaika how she feels when her ‘a**’ is such a topic of discussion. She responded, “Are you serious?” He also asks her who’s on her thirst trap and when is she getting married to Arjun and Malaika shuts him off by saying, “This is my couch, this is not even your couch.”

Malaika jokingly asked him to just go. They also go shopping together.

Malaika’s son Arhaan will also be seen making an appearance on her show. On the show, when Farah Khan had asked Malaika if her son Arhaan was supportive of her to do the show and if he’s open to be a part of it. Malaika hinted that he said, he’ll do it as long as he’s getting money for it.

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika’s son Arhaan is studying abroad and he’s come to Mumbai recently to shoot for the show. The couple who’s now divorced have always maintained that they’re cordial with each other, hold high respect for each other because at the end of the day, they’re co-parenting Arhaan.


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