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Are you a Ph.D. student? Have you completed the academic requirements? it’s time to start writing your dissertation with the help of dissertation writing services. Are you looking for steps to help you write it?

Writing a doctoral dissertation requires effort and time, in addition to the need to have energy, patience, enthusiasm, and willpower to reach the end, but you can facilitate the task of writing and increase the chance of success by learning about the steps for writing it in the following article.

Steps to writing a Ph.D. dissertation

Here are the steps that will help you write your dissertation:

Find a unique and valuable topic

Make sure to choose a good and searchable topic, so that you can derive a set of research questions from it, and the more clear and important the topic is, the stronger the message will be, In this step, you can ask your supervisor for help to choose a good and unique topic, and after choosing a good topic you can move on to the step next.

Writing a thesis outline

You must write an outline for the dissertation writing before you start writing it, present it to a dedicated committee at your university, and try to prove the importance of the proposed topic for research, to be approved by the committee, so that you clarify the general framework for it, in addition to many elements, most notably the following:

  • Thesis title.
  • Dissertation objectives.
  • Previous studies dealt with the same topic as the thesis, and here it is not required to expand on the readings, but to choose enough literature that shows that you have conducted sufficient studies.
  • An outline of the thesis timeline
  • Research methodology, and determining whether the research is qualitative or quantitative.
  • Visualize the methods of collecting and analyzing data.

Writing the introduction

After approval of the dissertation outline by the committee, you can usually start writing the introduction, in which the topic of the thesis and the purpose of writing it are clarified, and it must also contain information that paves the reader for what the rest of the dissertation writing contains, and the clarity of the introduction must be emphasized, and the reason for your choice of the topic under discussion must be explained, And make sure that the introduction contains several elements, most notably the following:

  • Defining the research topic, a brief background on it, and clarifying its general framework.
  • Explain the latest research on the topic, its relevance to your topic, and how you distinguish your thesis topic from that research.
  • State the study questions and objectives.
  • Clarify the study problem.
  • Clarify the importance of the study, and what it will add to science.

Relevant literature review

A chapter related to previous literature related to the field of research is added, where the research published in journals and periodicals, or previous doctoral and master’s theses that discussed a topic related to the subject of your thesis is added, and its role in the research is indicated, after which the researcher explains how his dissertation writing contributed to that field, and what distinguished it from The rest of the studies presented.

Clarification of scientific research methodology

The procedures that the researcher followed in conducting his dissertation writing are clarified, and the researcher presents many elements during the methodology chapter, most notably the following:

  • Study participants (study population and sample).
  • Steps to conduct the study.
  • Data collection tools.
  • The methods used by the researcher in analyzing the data.

Where the researcher presents these elements in detail so that any other researcher can evaluate the results of the research based on these elements, in addition to providing an idea to other researchers about the steps they can follow if they want to repeat the research in other areas or expand it by examining new variables.

Show results

In the chapter on presenting the results, the results reached by the researcher are presented. So that he extracts the most important information that he reached. The result of the statistical analysis, and arranged in the form of tables, graphs, figures, and images, with clear, correct, and concise expressions about these results, which will be explained in detail in the next chapter.

Discuss the results

It can be considered that the chapter discussing the results is the most important part of the dissertation writing, as the researcher here discusses and interprets his findings in detail, and mentions evidence from previous studies that clarify the validity of his findings, without repeating the set of tables, or drawings and figures in this chapter. The researcher can cite here the results of Previous studies and clarify the results of studies that agree with his results. That contradict them, with an explanation of the reason for the contradiction.

write a research proposal for master’s and doctoral degrees

Do you know a lot about writing a research proposal, whether for a master’s or doctoral degree?

If you are one of these researchers at the master’s or doctoral level, then you definitely need to know how to write a research proposal. As it is one of the most important and prominent steps in scientific research. One of the basics for the success of a scientific researcher in his progress to a master’s or doctoral degree. So it was It is necessary to review the most important basics of writing a good and interesting research proposal. With a view of the most important thing that distinguishes it from the rest of the important stages of research writing for a master’s or doctoral degree. To know more about its importance in the field of scientific research in general.

What does the idea of ​​writing a research proposal for master’s and doctoral degrees mean:

What is meant by the research proposal is that step that the scientific researcher takes at the beginning, where he formulates his research idea in a specific and organized way. Until it is presented to the committee of professors specialized in supervising the masters or doctoral dissertation writing. That is because the scientific research proposal plays an effective role In presenting the idea of ​​scientific research in detail. What it does to show the scientific researcher’s ability, skill, and knowledge of the subject of the scientific thesis and its basics. From here the research proposal has gained great importance in the stage of preparation for the masters and doctoral degrees.

projectsdeal.co.uk —Dissertation writing services

The elements of the research proposal help in showing and presenting it in an organized and comprehensive manner. As it is a coherent structure for a master’s or doctoral degree, and the way it is structured may differ depending on the type of subject or field covered by the thesis. But there are still some important basics that the research proposal should include.They are the ones that will be presented in this article so that any student at the master’s or doctoral level can make the most of them.

How to write a research proposal for masters and doctoral degrees:

Writing a research proposal involves some important elements, that the scientific researcher must focus on well. In order to be able to produce the research proposal in its best form and these elements are as follows:

1- Drafting the title of the research proposal:

The title of the research proposal comes at the forefront of knowledge about how to write it. As it is one of the most important parts of the research proposal in general. The title is of particular importance because it is the first thing that the supervisory committee will see for the master’s or doctoral degree. The first thing that will attract attention to the importance of the scientific thesis. Hence The scientific researcher should apply the most important conditions for formulating a good research proposal title.

The conditions for the title of a good research proposal are summarized in that it first expresses the subject of the scientific research. That it is free of length and meaninglessness, and that all its words comprehensively express the content of the scientific thesis. The number of its words should not be longer than 10 words at most.

2- Writing an introduction to the research proposal:

The scientific researcher must be well aware of the importance of formulating an appropriate introduction, and how it represents great importance in the research proposal. All that it contains in terms of goals, ideas, general plans, strategies, methods, and scientific hypotheses, and what most helps the scientific researcher to formulate the introduction to the research proposal for the master’s or doctoral degree. Which is to divide its contents into paragraphs, so then they can be viewed easily and clearly.

3- Formulation of the scientific thesis problem:

The scientific thesis must talk about a specific topic or problem, and the scientific researcher must be keen to present that problem in an appropriate way in the research proposal, as it is one of the basics of how to write this research proposal, so the scientific researcher should explain the importance of that problem in all respects, Whether in the social or scientific research aspect, and he must set the most important scientific assumptions to solve that problem, by setting questions and their answers, and the scientific researcher must, while presenting the problem for the master’s or doctoral degree, that this problem is the first in terms of the method of dealing with it scientifically, Therefore, the scientific researcher must focus well on the importance of formulating the problem of the scientific thesis, because it is an essential part of the research proposal for any master’s or doctoral dissertation.

4 – Presentation of the objectives of the scientific thesis:

The scientific researcher should set the most important goals that can be achieved from his preparation for a master’s or doctoral degree. And how his handling of this particular topic will make a difference in the field that the scientific thesis is talking about. As he must determine the importance of his scientific thesis accurately and clearly. That by presenting it in the research proposal for a master’s or doctoral degree submitted for research and scientific study.

5 – Develop a general view of the scientific thesis:

One of the most important things that must be contained in writing a research proposal for a scientific thesis is mentioning how to implement the scientific thesis plan temporally and spatially. Also drawing the most important limits for it in this research proposal. Where the scientific researcher must mention when research can be done for a master’s or doctoral degree. And what is the appropriate place to apply the methodologies of the scientific message? And will this be compatible with the course of scientific research or not, and will the desired results be achieved or not?

6- Talking about the method that the scientific researcher will follow:

The scientific research methodology comes at the forefront of the elements that the research proposal must contain, as it is possible, by presenting the most important methodologies that can be used in the study plan for the scientific thesis, that the scientific researcher convinces the supervising committee of the inevitability of reaching the expected results from his preparation for a master’s or doctoral degree.

7- Writing the thesis organization:

It is important for the scientific researcher to present the method of dividing and organizing the chapters of the scientific thesis. Usually, the scientific thesis must contain several divisions and general chapters. Each chapter is divided into a certain number of important chapters.

8 – Presentation of the results of the scientific thesis and its conclusion:

The scientific researcher should not forget to write the conclusion when figuring out how to finish writing the research proposal. which must contain the results of the scientific thesis. The most important methods for analyzing and showing them The most important scientific recommendation that the scientific researcher makes—and certainly the scientific researcher should mention all the scientific references—is to publish.

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