Understanding Organic Lawn Care Products

Understanding Organic Lawn Care Products

Many people ask me what is the advantage that organic lawn care products have over manufactured chemicals. People will say that even chemical fertilizers have the same ingredients that are found organically and that they are just put together in a more compact, efficient form.

Unfortunately, those people are wrong if they think that manufactured chemicals are the same thing as organic products and that man-made products are more efficient. The most commonly used lawn care product is most likely fertilizer, followed closely by weed control and weed killer products.

When you compare the differences between natural, organic fertilizers and week control products, and manufactured chemical products, you see the benefits of using organic lawn care products.

Let us start with organic fertilizer and compare it quickly to man-made fertilizers. First of all, fertilizers contain some very basic materials–nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. The amounts will vary greatly depending on which brand and type of fertilizer you purchase and use on your lawn.

Man-made fertilizers will generally have more of all three ingredients, but that is not always a better thing to have more. I like to compare it to a steroid used by bodybuilders.

Are the bodybuilders (or baseball players) going to get bigger, stronger, and faster? Yes, of course, they are. But are they going to be healthier than someone who lifts weights the old-fashioned way? No. Your lawn may get greener quicker using man-made spray or pellets, but underneath the green blades, your lawn will be suffering and will not be as healthy.

This is because man-made fertilizers are not good for your soil, which is the key to a healthy lawn. So you will end up with a good-looking lawn for a short while, but then your lawn will need another shot of fertilizer juice.

This is why most commercial lawn care programs use six or seven treatments during the summer. Unfortunately, all this ends up creating a dependence on chemicals, as your soil will slowly deteriorate and lose the ability to support your grass.

Organic fertilizer, on the other hand, will not give your lawn that quick shot of fertilizer juice. You will get some good nutrients, but they will not work as quickly. However, this is another case of slow and steady winning the race.

Over time your soil will develop quite nicely, and you will not need as much fertilizer. In addition, man-made fertilizer will come in a salt form, which is not as good for your lawn.

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