Tamil King Names For Baby Boy In Tamil 

Welcome! In this post, we will introduce you to the names of Tamil kings. Tamil Nadu, located in the southern part of India, is a state with a rich and ancient history where various rulers held sway, leaving behind a prestigious legacy. Through this post, we aim to present to you the names of the eminent kings of Tamil regions who, in their time, meticulously preserved art and culture. Let’s delve into this golden aspect of Tamil Nadu’s history!

NameMeaningRashi (Zodiac Sign)
AdityaThe SunLeo
AmarapalaProtector of the ImmortalAries
ArulchelvanGraceful PrincePisces
BhuvaneshwarLord of the WorldLibra
ChandrahasPossessing a Moon-like SmileCancer
DevarajanKing of the GodsCapricorn
EzhumalaiKing of Seven HillsGemini
GaneshLord GaneshaTaurus
HarikrishnaLord KrishnaSagittarius
IlayarajaYoung KingLeo
JayakumarVictorious PrinceScorpio
LakshmananProsperous PrincePisces
MahendranThe Great KingTaurus
NandakumarJoyful PrinceGemini
OmkaraLord ShivaAquarius
ParthasarathyCharioteer of ArjunaLeo
RaghavendraLord RamaVirgo
SenthilRadiant, like a SpearCancer
ThirumalaiLord VenkateswaraSagittarius
UdayanRising SunCapricorn
VigneshLord GaneshaVirgo
YudhisthiraEldest PandavaAries
ArivoliRadiant WisdomAquarius
BalachandarYoung MoonPisces
DineshGod of the DayAries
ElangoYoung PrinceTaurus
GajendranKing of ElephantsLeo
HarishankarLord ShivaCancer
IlangovanYouthful HeroLibra
JaganmohanBeloved of the WorldVirgo
LakshmipatiHusband of Goddess LakshmiSagittarius
MadhavanLord KrishnaCapricorn
NatarajanKing of DancersLeo
OmprakashLight of the OmAquarius

Best Tamil Baby Name

ParvateshwarLord of the MountainsScorpio
RameshLord RamaTaurus
SenthilkumarRadiant PrinceCancer
ThiruvengadamLord VenkateswaraPisces
UlaganathanRuler of the WorldLibra
AshwinLight, Horse TamerCapricorn
BhargavLord ShivaAquarius
CharuvahanWith Beautiful ChariotLeo
DhruvThe Pole StarSagittarius
GanapathiLord GaneshaTaurus
HrithikFrom the HeartScorpio
IndrajeetConqueror of IndraAries
KalyanaramanAuspicious JewelLibra
LokeshLord of the WorldPisces
ManoharanCharming PrinceVirgo
OmkarSound of OmCapricorn
ParthibanYouthful WarriorLeo
RaghupathiLord RamaAquarius
SenthilnathanRadiant KingCancer
ThiruvengadamLord VenkateswaraSagittarius
UmashankarLord ShivaTaurus
AbhinandanGreeted with JoyLibra

Pure Tamil Baby Name

BharathDescendant of King BharataGemini
ChittaranjanJoyful, DelightfulPisces
DeepakLamp, LightLeo
ElayarajaKing of YouthAquarius
GanesanLord GaneshaCancer
HarshaJoy, HappinessTaurus
IshaanLord ShivaCapricorn
JagadeeshLord of the UniverseVirgo
KamalakarLord VishnuScorpio
MahendranThe Great KingLibra
NandakishoreJoyful Lord KrishnaGemini
OmkarnathLord of OmSagittarius
ParvatanathanLord of the MountainsLeo
RaghuvamsiDescendant of RaghuAquarius
SenthilkumaranRadiant PrinceCancer
ThiruvengadamLord VenkateswaraTaurus
UmapatiConsort of Goddess UmaPisces
YuvaneshYouthful LordAries
BhuvaneshLord of the WorldGemini
ChidambaranWearer of the SkyLeo
DeepanLights upSagittarius
ElangoYoung PrinceCancer
GajanandLord GaneshaTaurus
HarishLord ShivaCapricorn


Choosing the right name for your baby boy is a significant decision, and this list of Telugu names provides you with a diverse range of options, each with its unique meaning and connection to a specific Rashi. May your choice bring prosperity and happiness to your child’s life as they grow and explore their destiny.

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