Task Management With Field Force Management Software

Task Management With Field Force Management Software

Skillful delegation of tasks for field employees is an important part of a manager’s job. And to make it easier, more efficient, and foolproof, field force management software can help. It will help in delegating tasks and optimizing your field workforce.

Task management software gives managers full control over the task completion process of their field agents. With the help of the software, managers can upload and track the progress of tasks remotely through the software’s dedicated app.

What is Task Management Solution

The task management solution optimizes the entire field operation, from planning, tracking, and analyzing the tasks. Managers can directly schedule shifts and assign tasks with the software’s assistance. These shifts and tasks are directly visible to employees on their app.

Along with delegating, managers can track the progress of each individual’s task list in real-time accuracy. And since the whole process is automated, it can help the business grow and be more productive.

What Does Task Management Solution Have to Offer

Manually delegating tasks can be inefficient and full of errors. However, field force management software can save organizations from these errors as it has features and tools offering automation of task delegation.

Bulk Task Uploading: Managers can upload a month’s worth of tasks in advance. They will be visible to employees every day without delay. This is a productive and time-saving way.

In Built Chat Box: The process does not end after assigning tasks. Field agents constantly need help, so the software provides a built-in chat box. Agents can communicate with their managers about it. Videos, photos, and voice notes can be shared along with messages.

Geo-Coded Verification: Managers can check whether their employees are on task location or not through their real-time location. They can even track the progress of each task. And by linking it with the attendance, the task is only visible after they mark their attendance.

Insightful Reports: The software offers auto-generated reports essential for managers to compare their employee’s progress and productivity.

Benefits of Task Management Solution

All these features and tools come with a lot of benefits that only help the organization garner profits and a productive workforce.

Enhanced Productivity: Since the employees no longer have to wait around for jobs to be assigned, they are able to utilize their time better, completing tasks and meeting deadlines.

Transparency: Field force management software eliminates any form of bias among the team, as managers cannot manipulate the productivity reports of the employees.

Better Management: The software ensures that the field agents get assigned tasks suitable to their expertise. This makes it easier for managers to supervise their agents.

Manage Your Task With The Help of TrackoField

Now that you know how easy it is to delegate tasks and manage them with field force management software’s task management solution, why not give it a try. You surely will experience how easy it is to manage your employee’s tasks right from assigning to analyzing them.

TrackoField is a leading field force management software in the market. It has advanced tools and features that will help you easily manage your employees and their tasks.

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