Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting with D

Eye Catchy Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting with D

Baby Boy Names In Telugu Starting With D: Choosing a meaningful and unique name for your baby boy is a special moment for parents. In Telugu culture, names are not just labels but carry a significant meaning and often reflect the child’s future and destiny. This article provides a comprehensive list of 25 Telugu baby boy names starting with each letter of the alphabet from D, along with their meanings and associated Rashi (zodiac sign) for your convenience.

DevanshPart of GodSimha
DhruvThe Pole StarKanya
DivyanshDivine PartVrischika
DhaneshLord of WealthDhanu
DineshLord of the DayKumbha
DharitriThe EarthVrishabha
DevarshSage of the DevasMithuna
DarpadLord ShivaKanya
DurgeshLord of the FortTula
DipanshuSource of LightVrischika
DharmanandJoy of RighteousnessMeena
DaksheshLord ShivaVrishabha
DevaryaDivine FriendMithuna
DeepanshLight of a LampKarka
DhareshLord of the LandSimha

Conclusion: Choosing the right name for your baby boy is a significant decision, and this list of Telugu names starting with D provides you with a diverse range of options, each with its unique meaning and connection to a specific Rashi. May your choice bring prosperity and happiness to your child’s life as they grow and explore their destiny.

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