Tiger Woods Putting Course Designed in Florida

Tiger Woods Putting Course  Designed in Florida

Tiger Woods putting course has a designer to add to his impressive resume.

The 46-year-old five-time Masters champion has designed two of his 18-hole putting courses to open next Thursday at the Florida Pop Strokes at the Sarasota Entertainment Center. “We are thrilled to secretly share a course we designed with @PopStroke Sarasota’s course @tgr.design opening Thursday, April 28. Stay tuned for more,” Woods posted on Instagram Wednesday.

Press In his release, Tiger Woods Putting Course announced the as a project for people of all ages

Experience on the golf green.

“PopStroke is all about bringing friends and family together to create lasting memories at the game of golf. We offer two 18-hole putting courses that every one of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. We look forward to welcoming a new generation of players to our unique putting experience at PopStroke Sarasota.”

According to CNN, Woods has been designing his golf course since 2006, but this is the first time he’s involved in creating his putting course. Tiger Woods remains on Masters 2022 roster as tournament draws near

Tiger Woods-designed golf course opens in Florida PopStroke Entertainment Group is co-owned by entrepreneur Greg Bartoli and his TGR Ventures at Tiger Woods.In Addition, CNN added that the group now has two locations in the Florida cities of Fort Myers and Port St. Lucie that show the influence of Woods’ designs.

“We are very excited to introduce our unique entertainment brand to the Sarasota community,” “We have spent countless hours over the years taking my children to Sarasota and attending youth sporting events. Sarasota, with its many young families, working professionals and retirees, is a perfect fit for everything PopStroke has to offer and enjoy golf in an affordable, fun and competitive environment. It connects people across generations.”

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